The artificial island – a new place to live

Since The population of the globe is in continuous growth, we are struggling to find solutions for that. We all need a place to live and we are running out of space. So architect Alexander Krasinski has come up with a new idea.

What he proposes is to build artificial lands. More exactly, his idea was to create an artificial land in the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates. It would be a nice solution for the problem of the agglomeration that the population encounters. The land would incorporate adequate infrastructure as well as an internal sea port and an airport. There you would pretty much have everything you need, the same options that you would have anywhere else, maybe even better.

There are office spaces, administrative, governmental and academic centers, sport facilities, terraces, recreational and commercial services, even a water park. The diameter of the island is 1000 m and the height – 1000m. The total usable area of the island is 5 000 000 m2 and the maximum number of inhabitants is of 52, 096 persons. It would literary be like a private island.{found on archdaily}


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