The Ants’ House in Spain

Located in Collado Villalba, Spain, The Ants’ House is a contemporary home that dominates the vast natural environment surrounding it. It was a project by Espegel – Fisac and it was completed in 2010. The house sits on a large plot in Manzanared Park and It’s almost like a part of the mountains and the beautiful landscape around it.

The climate in that area is perfect. The winters are mild and the summers are warm and there’s a very nice balance of temperatures. The location is also very convenient. Being close to the urban center by hidden in the mountains, the house enjoys the best of both worlds. This contrast between natural and artificial is a defining feature of the residence. The ants’ House is a two-story building with a central concrete staircase and a shape that adapts to the surrounding environment.

The ground level of the house is a large open area with several zones with specific functions. It includes a reading area, a social space, a service area that includes the kitchen, the laundry room and the storage facilities and a series of outdoor areas including the patio and terrace. The first floor contains a guestroom, a bedroom for the children, a large playroom and a master bedroom. The property also has an outdoor dining area and beautiful trees surrounding it from all sides. Inside, it features a radiant floor heating system that uses solar energy and a beautifully colored interior design.{found on archdaily}.

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