The American Dream, Now Possible With A Smaller House

A dream home doesn’t have to be huge to feel perfect and we have the perfect example to illustrate this. A lovely little house from Atlanta with a simple design, geometric-inspired exterior and cozy and relaxing interior. It’s a house with many eye-catching details. As soon as you lay eyes on it you can see it’s no ordinary building.

The exterior is simple but striking thanks to the eye-catching combination of materials and finishes. Although it may seem compact and small compared to other residences, the house is actually spacious. The large windows let it tons of natural light and the color palette used inside is based on light shades. Step inside and find a relaxing and comfy sitting area with upholstered coffee table/ottoman, striped armchairs and a fireplace. High ceilings give the space a whole new perspective.

An elegant spiral staircase offers access to the upper floor where there’s a charming bedroom. At the base of the staircase, a piano takes center stage. It becomes the focal point of an open floor plan which includes the living area, the kitchen and a dining space. Love the symmetry between the kitchen island and the dining table and the interesting use of red and white chairs to create contrast.

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