The alternating Portico residence by Aida Atelier + Kuno Lab

This contemporary structure is a family residence located in Tokyo, Japan. The house sits on a site of 1779.07 square meters and because of these conditions it had to be developed mostly vertically. It was designed by Aida Atelier + Kuno Lab and completed in 2011. The residence was built for a family of three and it’s being surrounded by properties that almost suffocate it, leaving no deep street frontage with the river and imposing tight limits.

Most of the properties surrounding this house have been subdivided over the years. However, this particular site maintained its integrity. Even though the land was limited and the clients were unable to fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, the architects tried to take full advantage of what they got. Instead of letting the house feel trapped inside that small area surrounded by other residences, they tried to make it feel an open to the landscape as possible. In order to achieve that, the architects tried to make this house stand out from the rest of the properties.

The plan was to develop the house both vertically and horizontally and to avoid adopting the same old design that most of the houses in area featured. As a result, in a space defined by stagnation, the architects managed to introduce a new concept. They created a visually intriguing residence with a contemporary design. The exterior is completely white and it divided into three large blocks. These apparently independent volumes are interconnected and provide separate areas with specific functions.

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They form a house complex and they differentiate themselves from the rest of the properties by their compact design and lack and intriguing structure that closes the interior and doesn’t let anyone sneak a peek inside. The front façade is almost fully enclosed and only features two windows. It’s also why this house seems rather mysterious when seen from the exterior.{found on archdaily}.



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