The Albert Reichmuth Wine Store by OOS firm

If you are a bacchius liquids seller and you want that your regular customers and not only them, come and visit and maybe taste your wine then you will pay attention to your interior design of your store too.The wine store designed by the OOS firm is wiling to attract all kinds of people who love wine. The store opens a showroom where you can see all kinds of bottles of wine, buy a bottle or taste it.

The wooden cases arranged in a grid pattern create the atmosphere of a real wine cellar. If you add maybe some decorations such as: spider webs, a darker light, old models of bottles the customers will feel close to the old, dusty of a real wine cellar atmosphere from old times. The image of a real, old wine cellar underlines the existence of a good and high quality wine. It is known that the older the wine, the better it tastes.


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