The 4,000 Square Foot Hickey Residence by Glen Irani Architects

This complex and modern residence was a project by Glen Irani Architects. The house sits on a 4,000 square foot area and has a spacious interior and a lovely garden outside. There are actually two gardens on each side on the house and the clients’ request was to somehow connect them and make them seem like a single structure.

In order to achieve this, the architects chose to create a series of rooms half hovering above the outdoor living area. This way the family can gather inside that space while the design gives the impression of a larger garden space. The Hickey residence is located in Venice, California and it presents a modern and interesting architecture. The residence features curves in the roof and a series of closed and open spaces that seamlessly combine.

Those architectural details also have a functional purpose. The curves in the roof were actually designed to allow more natural sunlight that reaches the interiors. In front of the residence there’s a paved driveway that leads to a metal garage door. It’s beautiful how the garage has been naturally integrated into the design.

It’s a large residence, with 4 bedrooms ad spacious gathering areas and it has a mode, simple and comfortable design. The outdoor living area was a very interesting idea. This way the house seems closer to nature and the inhabitants can enjoy the garden and its beauty at all times.

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