The 23 Alnwick Road Residence in Singapore

23 Alnwick Road is an odd name for a residence. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have anything to do with the beauty of this house. This is a lovely contemporary residence located on Alnwick Road in Singapore from where it also gets its name.

The residence was designed by Park+Associates Pte Ltd and the construction was completed in 2011 so it’s a brand new home. It sits on a 4,628 square foot lot and it features a beautiful minimalist design. This was actually a very special project for the team that designed and built it. It’s one of those rare project where the client’s character and personality comes through in the form of a house.

The main colors used throughout the house are black and white with some tones of grey and brown for the floors. The materials used are modern and include black-powder-coated aluminum and black mild-steel. The design is mostly geometrical and the interior décor shares this concept. The interior is minimalist and very beautiful.

There’s not much to say about such a place except for the fact that its owner must be really lucky to have it. I wonder what are the characteristics of the clients that resulted in the transposition of such a simple and chic residence. Anyway, the clients definitely got his dream home. It has everything: a spacious interior, modern décor, a beautiful outdoor space and even a pool.{found on archdaily}

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