The 1,5 milion dollars cave house

Chulo Canyon Cave House  a house carved in granite located in Bisbee, a place only 80 miles from Tucson. People around that area  call it the Cave House  but for the real estate agents it’s a nightmare. Althought  the asking price was recently cut in half, from the initial 3 mil. dollars the Cave House is now costing only 1,5 mil. dollars ,  but still without a buyer.

The household is constructed   984 feet under the Arizona dessert.  It feature an incredible 900 sq. ft  living room , a guest  room  spread on more than 295 sq.ft .Beneath that room there is an entertainment area, a library and office.  The living space created in this man made cave complies with modern standards of living am comfort .

The interior is decorated according to each wall’s  shape, with custom made object and furniture.  The straight, plain floors covered in ceramic tiles take your mind and eyes from the uneven walls creating the feeling of a normal house. The kitchen is a bit clustered but functional with modern appliances and an original lighting system.

At the entrance there a more arranged area with a bit of roofing and windows, plants and planters. The terrace has plenty of room for different activities and offers a unique view over the surrounding mountains. If primitive  people would have these conditions in their caves, they would  probably never left.{found on zf}

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