Texas Hill Road Residence- The best retreat from a busy life

Almost everybody wants to escape from the busy world and live in a home, which feels like paradise. This home is a perfect combination of innovation and aesthetics. It is a perfect blend of both western and eastern traditions. Starting from the materials used to construct this house to the design, everything is very precise. The structure of this house is unique. The basic structure of this house comprises of the walls, roofs and the columns. The geodetic design of the house gives it a complete different look and grabs everyone’s attention. Not only the house but also the location itself enhances the brilliance of this house. You can notice the match of asymmetry and symmetry. This house is the perfect example conytemporary engineering with a touch of history.  If you are a newly married couple, then this place will be the great retreat for you. The expanse of greenery all round the house makes it more beautiful and the rooms are designed in such a way that it orients toward the glass end of the home, giving you a better view of the scenery.{Incorporated Architecture & Design}


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