Terraced Studio With Storage Built Into The Stepped Floor

In Alassio, Italy, there’s this beautiful park overlooking the golf where used to be a deteriorated building with a splendid location. The architects of Studioata were in charge of a difficult project: replacing that old building with a new one and making it look natural.

They built this tiny studio that only measures 35 square meters. It’s elevated on this stone platform but still, a custom design and layout were needed in order to let the users enjoy the amazing views. It’s why they came up with the idea for a stepped floor plan. They basically adapted the new building to the conditions offered by the site.

Go past the dry-stacked stone walls and you’ll find a compact interior where the living space, the kitchen and the bedroom sit on three different levels, all within the same open space. This way the bedroom gets to enjoy wonderful views through the large living room windows.

The kitchen was designed as an intermediate level. It was built on a raised floor with built-in storage. Pull-out drawers ensure that the tiny studio is clutter-free and eliminate the need for regular furniture which would occupy valuable floor space. The kitchen cabinets are built into the bedroom floor.

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A narrow bathroom is hidden behind the bedroom. The door and the interior shower wall were made of glass to let in the natural light.

The sliding glass doors separate the living area from a small terrace and allow light to go inside while also providing beautiful views for the upper levels.



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