T Residence from Japan overlooks the Beautiful Pacific

The T Residence finished by Kidosaki Architects Studio chooses a lot of organic material to take form after a renovation attempt that was aimed at reviving the structure after 20 years. The T Residence is the ideal location to enjoy a captivating view of the Pacific and its owner did not reside here permanently before the renovation.

It was only after Kidosaki worked its magic that the owner decided to shift permanently to Japan and enjoy staying in this residence. The residence has been purposely given a dynamic feeling of floating by pushing the house out towards the ocean, right atop the sloping site. The architects have managed to incorporate elements like serenity and calmness in the overall design.

It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room as specific look, a different atmosphere and décor. But what they all share in common is the modern and simple style. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns work together and form a complete and equilibrated image.

And all the different colors also work together to form complementary and colorful images.  It’s a beautiful design, modern and elegant and also stylish. It’s a traditional place, with a modern touch of course. I especially like the simplicity and elegant of this place.

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