Swoon Over A Tudor Style House: 20 Homes To Inspire

Medieval-inspired, Tudor styled homes hold a European flair and an old-age spirit. These early Renaissance homes have unique and distinguishing characteristics such as asymmetry and elaborate stone and brick work, according to Utah Division. Gable roofs, intricately detailed doorways and chimneys are just some of the more defining pieces of a Tudor style house. To get a better idea of this stunning architectural niche, let’s dive into 20 homes that represent the Renaissance-esque design well – from ultra embellished to family-friendly.

1. With Simple Landscaping.

With Simple Landscaping

This large and embellished home is accented perfectly and simply with easy landscaping. This is a gorgeous family-home full of life and interest as soon as you pull up.

2. With Colorblocking.

With Colorblocking

With certain designs, your Tudor-style may look as if it’s been colorblocked. It provides contrast and beautiful curbside appeal.

3. With English Charm.

Tudor England House Style

When a smaller home holds the Tudor style it represents an English charm that we imagine seeing on the green slopes of Europe. It’s quite charming and cozy, and that’s before you even step foot inside.

4. With Contemporary Vibes.

Contemporary vibe for tudor house

Here’s a gorgeous example of a Tudor style home that’s been mixed with a more contemporary scene. And we’re loving the mixture of brick and stone accenting the front doors.

5. With Gingerbread Dreams.

Tudor style Gingerbread Dreams

This design reminds us all of the fun and festive “gingerbread” homes we’re accustomed to during the holidays and in fairy-tales. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing that quirky appeal!

6. With Countryside Appeal.

Tudor house curb appeal

Sometimes Tudor homes represent a country-side appeal. Imagine this home set in the distance with a mysterious, storybook tone. It’s a bit magical with it’s textural bits and beautiful front decor.

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7. With Interest.

A shaped roof on Tudor Style

At every angle, Tudor homes will feature a different view and look. Nothing is the same and every nook is detailed and made to feel luxurious and timeless.

8. With Royal Feelings.

With Royal Feelings

There’s something otherworldly about these homes making them feel a bit more royal. And that’s because of the Renaissance-inspired detailed involved in the construction.

9. With Castle Features.

Tudor style home with Castle charm

You can even build or find Tudor style homes with a more grandiose demeanor, meaning they look slightly like castle. And if you have a lot of land to work with, this a beautiful vision to go forth with.

10. With Asymmetry.

Asymmetry tudor style

Remember, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a Tudor style home is its asymmetry and here’s a beautiful example of that idea in the flesh. Castle-like features and embellishments fill this home.

11. With Timbered Frames.

Timbered Frame tudor Style

Another of a Tudors most telling features is its timbered framing – the wood accents. You can find some that are more accented and others that are a bit lighter.

12. With An Amazing Front Door.

Fairy Tale tudor Style house

When you have or are building a Tudor-inspired home, make sure that your front door speaks volumes of its style. Finish this breathtaking architecture off with a gorgeous choice that’s able to stand on-its-own and also in the midst of the grandiosity.{found on brucekading}.

13. With Windows.

Tudor style house with large Windows

It’s always interested to see the layout and design of each window on a Tudor home. Whether it’s seated from the inside or matching to any of its neighbors, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the detailing.

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14. With Oversized Features.

With Oversized Features

Other accents of these medieval-inspired home include oversized features. For example, this gorgeous Tudor home has an oversized window placed above the smaller, front an impressive, extravagant look.

15. With Length.

Tudor homes are big enough

Sometimes you’ll find Tudor homes with more length, like this family-friendly style. This stucco-covered piece is built outward rather than going up every level.

16. With French Influences.

Tudor style with french influence

Tudor houses are often mixed with other popular, European styles such as this beautiful home. Inspired by both the Renaissance spirit and French accents, it’s hard not to fall in love with the outward style and its pristine landscaping.{found on benvenutiandstein}.

17. With Room Highlights.

Amazing lake views from this tudor style house

If you look closely enough, you can tell which rooms are being highlight by the exterior designs. For example this bay window is offset by stone whereas the rest of the house is cast in stucco.{found on murphycodesign}.

18. With A Wraparound Porch.

Wraparound porch

And if you’re really lucky, you’ll snag a Tudor-styled home completely with a gorgeous wraparound porch complimenting the already embellished front lawn.

19. With Stone Walkways.

Tudor style with Stone Walkways

Stone walkways help to create the Renaissance, medieval look you may be going for when you decide on a Tudor home. There’s an old-age quality that helps compliment this vintage feel.

20. Within A Neighborhood.

Tudor revival style in Syracuse

These homes don’t have to be set on a large area of land all alone. Instead, you can find or build smaller versions inside older neighborhoods without the ultra grandiose vibe.



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