Sweet summer house on Volga

Usually, during the summer season, the cities tend to look a little deserted. This is because everyone is leaving to spend their vacation somewhere else, far away from home. Some people like to visit exotic places while others prefer to just find a quiet place in a deserted area where they can just relax. The next house design is for those from the second category.

This very simple and very sweet house is the perfect example when it comes to quiet places. It’s a very nice retreat for a small family. The house is located on the upper Volga River and it’s a great getaway for those living in Moscow. After so many months trapped inside the apartment or the house, it’s nice to get away from all the stress and to just relax. The house was created by Bureau Bernaskoni. It has a very lovely appearance. The black wood façade really makes it stand out in that deserted area. The whole house has a very inviting rustic look. It’s a very simple house, with very few architectural details. The interior décor is also simple, even minimalist.

The location is not one of the most impressive, but in this case it’s not about the views or the landscape, it’s just about having a quiet place where you can just get away with your family for a while to clear your head and to relax.

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