Swedish Solar-Powered Home Designed By The Students From Chalmers University

This is Halo, a sustainable house powered entirely by the sun. It wasn’t designed by any famous architect but by a team of students. Team Sweder consists of 25 students from Chalmers University and they recently completed this amazing project. It’s an environmentally-friendly house with a very interesting and nontraditional exterior and with an interior that’s looks surprisingly familiar.

The Halo structure is a full-scale functioning building which the students designed and built and it was intended to foster group living. It has a circular structure and it measures 645 square feet. Inside, it’s composed of several smaller rooms as well as larger spaces. The large areas are shared communal zones and the smaller one are private rooms.

The motto that the team chose for this project was “Shared space is double space.” and it’s a quite interesting concept and makes you think about all the regular architectural structures we see around us.

The building has a contemporary design and it was created using renewable materials such as Swedish spruce used for the main structure and wood fiber used for the interior insulation. The building has a large roof composed of solar cells which absorb solar power and transform it into energy. Of course, as you can imagine, this is also an energy-efficient structure. It’s a very innovative project with a simple idea at its base.{found on mymodernmet}.

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