Sustainable Michigan House Combines Rustic And Modern Elements

The M-22 House is located in Michigan, overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay. It has an interesting design which combines rustic and modern elements.Designed by Michael Fitzburg Architect, the structure blends in beautifully and it becomes an extension of the landscape.

The colors and materials on the exterior of the house let it blend in beautifully

The strong connection with the exterior and the landscape is visible throughout the house. This detail is also emphasized by the fact that the architect chose to use materials inspired by the elements. The exterior of the house is a combination of concrete, steel and glass. Light gets through and invades all the rooms.

The outdoors feature simple, smooth lines and beautiful pathways

The building has geothermal heating and cooling systems as well as its own hydroelectric power generator that uses rainwater.

There’s a very charming outdoor sitting area with a fireplace in the centerLarge windows and glass walls open the house towards the exteriorThe vibrant colors of the landscape invade the interior, giving it a dynamic lookThe suspended fireplace in the living room is definitely a statement featureThe kitchen is very spacious and it has large windows just like the rest of the houseColorful accent details break the monotony of the décor

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The interior design is open and harmonious. The living room has a sunken sitting area and double height ceilings. It also includes a suspended fireplace which serves as a focal point for the décor.

A terrace can be accessed from the long hallwayThere’s a soothing, zen-inspired atmosphere throughout the houseThe suspended staircase is also an interesting statement elementIt has thin steel stripes which form a wallThe master bedroom is very spacious and it has a suspended fireplace as wellWood was used throughout the house to create a warm atmosphereElegance and style define all the room with no exceptionsCove lighting is used here to create a cozy and intimate décorModern indoor swimming poolGlass doors and walls allow a seamless transition between sauna and pool

The large glass surfaces let the light get inside so the rooms become even more airy and open. On the upper level, the wooden ceilings create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The house also has a sunroom with expansive windows and panoramic views.{found on Design Milk}.



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