Sustainable Meadow House Blends Rustic With Modern

The Mazama House is situated in the Methow Valley in Washington, USA. This residential project was conducted by Finne Architects. The goal, from the start, was to design a sustainable structure. The architects managed to do that by employing a variety of techniques.


They used locally-sourced materials , water-efficient plumbing fixtures, radiant concrete slab heating and 40% higher insulation values than the code required. In addition, the house takes full advantage of the natural light and also benefits from natural ventilation throughout.


Built at the easterly end of a large meadow, the house is composed of two large volumes. One is a grounded two-storey bedroom wing and the other is a raised living pavilion which sits on exposed steel columns. The large meadow unfolds in front of the house as well as under the living spaces.


The interior is really welcoming and it all starts with the entrance which has a wood-framed glass door with a really interesting design.


Step inside to discover a spacious living area with a store fireplace and a comfortable couch and upholstered armchairs that use their grey fabric to blend in and to connect to nature.


Huge windows welcome natural in and roof overhangs prevent it from becoming disturbing. The wooden beams on the ceiling together with the wooden frames on the windows allow the space to feel warm and inviting despite the grey-based color palette employed for the furniture.

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The seating area is positioned in front of the fireplace. The set of matching armchairs and the couch are organized around a really interesting coffee table which actually appears to be made of four different elements that, when combined, form a perfect puzzle with their organic shapes.


Actually, the area rug in this area shares a strong connection with the coffee table. It features the same type of pebble-like shapes that come together naturally.


The living pavilion also has a cozy bench placed along the windows. Subtly-concealed drawers offer extra storage under the long wooden bench while the thick and comfy cushion and the accent pillows add a plus of comfort. The bench is framed by firewood storage cubbies that double as side tables.


Addition seating area are spread throughout the house. For example, this seems like a perfect reading spot. It has a nice cozy bench, a table that integrates the same organic lines and curvy lines as the rest of the house and two classic chairs with woven seats.


The rustic décor and the modern accents balance each other beautifully throughout the residence. The combination has a stronger impact in the open kitchen, where a large island with a bar extension features industrial barstools and where a water-jet cut aluminum light fixture softens the harsh lines and finishes but keeps the space harmonious.

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The cast glass kitchen counter top is another really interesting and original element and a detail that emphasizes just how unique the project is.


The dining table features an undulating line running down its center and, in a way, it seems like this detail is reflected in the design of the light fixture.


And speaking of that, undulating lines, delicate curves and smooth angles are key components of the house’s overall interior design and they are repeated throughout the spaces.


The staircase that leads to the upper floor has a modern wrought iron railing with an intricate curved pattern. Yet another one of those accent details meant to give the home character.


The bedroom offers the most amazing views. It has large windows and framed glass pivot door that allows access to a small deck. The room is very bright and the colors used here allow a very serene and relaxing atmosphere to be created.


Like we’ve already mentioned, the architects wanted the house to be sustainable so they took maximum advantage of the natural light, even when they designed the bathroom. A large mirror emphasizes the spaciousness of the room and large windows open the space to the outdoors and the magnificent natural views.





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