Sustainable House Hidden In A Dense Oak Forest

Choosing the location is the first step towards having a dream house. So if you prefer privacy and wish to live somewhere surrounded by nature, then you’ll probably like this house. It’s located in a dense oak forest in Segovia and it’s a sustainable home built by The Columbian and Germán García Architects.the house is made almost entirely of wood.

It’s a prefab house with a simple and warm design. The façade is made of pine wood and it’s treated with two layers of glaze as to protect the wood but also allow it to breathe. The living room is the center of the house. It has views of the beautiful surrounding area and it’s been decorated with shades of wood combined with black and red.

The house is not just beautiful but also sustainable. It was built for a couple that decided to leave the city in order to live in the country. They wanted to escape the city and to find a peaceful place where they could relax. They also wanted to be close to nature.

The house features solar panels and a power generator that reduces the consumption of gas and electricity considerably. The garden is also a great addition. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and the trees provide shade. The location is very peaceful and beautiful. As for the interior design, it’s a combination of antique and modern elements. The result is an elegant, charming and inviting décor. The color palette is balanced and mostly composed of natural shades with a few bold touches.{found on nuevoestilo}.

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