Sustainable house design for rural areas by Djuric Tardio Architectes

This beautiful house is also a sustainable project. It’s located in Paris, France. It was designed by Djuric Tardio Architectes and it was completed in 2012. The house covers a total surface of 246 square meters. The house is based on a new concept developed by the architects and it’s not yet released in urban areas. It’s a design that would rather work for detached houses in less dense sites.

When you first look at the pictures, the first thing you probably notice is the roof. It looks like an unfinished roof. However, it’s not the case. This specific type and design for the roof has a specific function. The roof makes the house integrate into the surroundings without disrupting the overall image. Still, it won’t accommodate a closed roof. I guess we could say that it’s just a trick that, on one hand, preserves the design of the typical houses while on the other hand makes the structure stand out.

The roof, in this case, has been left open in order to allow it to be transformed into a terrace or roof garden. It can even be turned into a vegetable terrace. This particular concept was designed for a mixed family and its based on a modular and flexible system. The house was designed with two separate areas.

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These two spaces could be combined if desired to form a common area. The interior features large sliding walls on each floor. The internal structure of the house is flexible and it allows a multitude of different arrangements to be created.The main concepts for this design are flexibility and adaptation.{found on archdaily and pics by Clément Guillaume}.



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