Sun powered bamboo house – An Eco-friendly house design indeed

Eco-friendly and sustainable houses are not exactly rare these days. However, a bamboo house is not something you see every day. It’s why we find this one so interesting. Almost entirely built using bamboo, the house was a project by Tonji University and can be found in Shanghai.

The inspiration for the project came from nature and you can see how natural the whole design feels. The shape of the house, the roof, the walls and the overall structure all have an organic look. In addition to that, the house is solar-powered which makes it even more interesting. In terms of design, the house is a combination of traditional and modern elements with strong Chinese influences.

The project is the result of the teamwork done by 20 undergraduate students, postgraduates and doctors from a variety of fields who worked together to create something different. An interesting concept which proposes the use of renewable energy in urban areas. What we love most about the proejct is the fact that the house has personality and embraces its heritage. It’s like seeing a modern and updated version of an old traditional house.


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