Summer Retreat Fully Embraces The Views With Its Geometric Design

A holiday home bordered by a nature reserve and the ocean is the perfect summer retreat and a dreamy place to retire to some day. And when the architecture and the interior design are as exquisite as this, it all gets better and better.

The house is located 90 km north of Cape Town on the West coast. It looks in complete sync with the landscape and it perfectly reconciles the dune, which sits just a little higher than the rest of the site, and the views. It may come as a surprise that this project was actually built with a limited budget.

With a total surface of 600 square meters, the rectangular, double-storey structure which stands out like a majestic jewel includes a total of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, spacious living and dining areas, a galley, a study and a series of generous outdoor spaces. Every room has views of the ocean.

The client wanted the house to be modern and simple so the architects from Gavin Maddock Design Studio came up with the perfect plan: a building inspired by the west coast, with Mediterranean charm and with two pavilions connected by a single storey gallery.

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The interior is decorated with custom-designed furniture. In the living area, the TV and the audio equipment are all concealed behind a large steel framed sliding panel that also incorporated eye-catching artwork. A great combination of function and aesthetics. For the exterior areas, bold but simple pieces were chosen as to create a seamless flow and to resonate with the landscape and the views.

A number of features were custom created for the residence. This includes the fireplace, the en-suite shower designed to maximize the size of the bedroom, the glass walls, granite tiles, high ceilings and a series of other accent details meant to maximize the views and to ensure an uninterrupted connection between inside and outside.



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