Summer House by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos

As you can imagin, living in a hot and dry area like northern coast of São Paulo is not easy. You need to adapt to the climate and the conditions and so does your home. Located in Itamambuca, São Paulo, Brazil, just a few meters away from the sea, this house was designed and built by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos.

The main idea was to create a structure that would allow the users to enjoy the views and the surroundings and that would also protect them from the harsh sun and frequent rains, without obstructing the natural ventilation.

So the architects working at this project decided to create this structure. It’s not a typical house, but more like a summer house. It was built using a lot of pre-fabricated materials that were simply mounted on the site. The roof is placed at a height of six meters and covers a surface of 18 by 18 meters. It’s made of pre-fabricated timber structure with galvanized steel joints.

The rest of the house is made of steel cladding with EPS filling. The house is a semi-opened space, with glass walls and panels of glass fiber mosquito screens with PVC coating that keep the insects out while still allowing the users to enjoy the views. It’s a very light structure, definitely not the massive and compact design we usually see in the cities.

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