Summer family residence featuring big sliding glass doors

The Bourke House is a family summer structure located in Matakana, New Zealand. It was a project by Pacific Environments Architects. It’s not actually a house in the strict sense of the term. It’s a series of pavilions that are connected and form a contemporary structure.The location is very beautiful. The site sits on a prominent peninsular that offers panoramic views of the surround landscape. This way the inhabitants can enjoy relaxing moments in the middle of nature while admiring the amazing views of the sea and the surrounding area.

This unusual family retreat is composed of a series of pavilions. The pavilions are linked together and they form a protected central space. This area is used a gathering space. It has access to all the other areas.The main pavilion is usually used as a common living and entertainment area but it can also be closed off for privacy if needed. There’s also a separate pavilion that includes the sleeping areas. All the pavilions feature horizontal roofs.

They also have sliding glass doors that offer easy access to the outside areas while also enhancing the connection with the nature. The interior décor of the pavilions is neutral. It features salvaged timber structures from the seashore and a very relaxing and calm atmosphere.The spaces are personalized with all sorts of collections. The monotony of the neutral interior décor is broken by sporadic pops of red that can be found in all the pavilions. This beautiful family retreat is not only a very interesting eclectic mix and a relaxing destination, but also a sustainable structure. It uses natural energy for cooling and heating, solar hot water and a rainwater recycling system.{found on contemporist}.

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