Stylish Small Town House in Japan

This unusually striking townhouse is located in Kyoto, Japan. It’s not particularly eye-catching as seen from the outside and the interior is not that impressive either. However, there’s something really special about this residence, something that makes it seem very cozy and inviting, just like a home should be.

The townhouse was a project by Alphaville Architects – Kentaro Takeguchi + Asako Yamamoto. It measures a total area of 78.68 square meters and it was completed in 2010. It’s a beautiful residential house, with a modern design both inside and out. It blends nicely into the surroundings and it sits on a narrow site in the centre of Kyoto. The area is populated with traditional wooden townhouses so this new residence is just a nice addition. It borrowed some elements from traditional townhouses but it also adopted a modern flair.

The main goal was to create an enjoyable and pleasant home. For that to happen, the architects first partitioned the walls and created a continuous space. The rooms are delimited but not entirely. The partition walls also serve as reflectors for the natural light and thus help create a bright interior. The house has a very cozy look and that’s mostly because there was a lot of wood involved in the process. The interior features wooden stairs and walls, wooden floors and an overall bright décor.{found on archdaily }.

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