Stylish private residence by Belzberg Architects

This beautiful structure is a private residence located in Toronto. It’s a contemporary residence that was built by Belzberg Architects. The owner of the residence first came in contact with Richard Wilson and his team that immediately impressed him. They were very passionate about their work and were particularly enthusiasts about contemporary architecture.

The residence was actually designed by a California Architect. However, this didn’t pose a major problem to the team. They were happy to execute the project, even if they didn’t get to design it from scratch. Moreover, the plan was very good and there weren’t any problems in that area. As a result, the architect and his team were given the task to build this 9,000 square foot custom residence. As you can see, the residence has a very simple design, typically contemporary.

The exterior of the residence is very neutral. The façade is grey and features a series of geometrical lines. As most contemporary residence, this one also has glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows. This way the views can be admired without obstructions and the connection with the outdoor area is smoother and more visible. The project also included a large swimming pool that, along with the surrounding vegetation, completes the whole image. The interior of the residence is very chic, modern and simple. Even though the colors are mostly neutral, it’s a very inviting house with a warm and cozy atmosphere also given by the use of wooden elements such as the panels for the staircase.

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