Stylish extension featuring three reused trees from the property

When you hear the term tree house you probably picture the traditional kind: a box-like wooden structure built in a tree. Well, over the years the meaning of this term has changed. A tree house can now also be a multi-structure project that incorporates several trees or a normal building with a tree inside. If you would like to see a more unusual tree house, we have a very beautiful example.

This is an extension built for a residence in Kagawa , Japan. It was a project by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates and it was completed in 2010. The extension occupies a total surface of 50.9 square meters. When the main house was built on this site 35 years ago, there are these beautiful trees that the owners got attached to and that they wanted to incorporate in this new project.

It would have been impossible to build the extension without removing the trees from the site and the owners had really great memories with the so the architects came up with the idea to make them a part of the design. As a result, using the trees became the main theme of the project. The trees were preserved intact but they were trimmed down and made a little more presentable.

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They seem like actual living trees now but they were actually cut down, smoked and dried for two weeks. They were then placed where they originally used to stand and used as columns for the extension’s living room, dining room and kitchen.It was a great way of incorporating the trees and all the memories into a new design. And when a renovation will be in order or when the building will be demolished and replaced with something else, the trees will still be beautiful and they will probably be reused once again.



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