Stylish Dog Houses For Pampered Pooches

Man’s best friend deserves a place to call their own in any home. If you are a dog lover, then why not set aside a space for your pet to enjoy. Either indoors or out of doors, dog houses add a bit of fun for pets and owners alike. There are plenty of kennels and dog houses that you can purchase, but check out some of the contemporary designs that are more suited to fitting in with a modern home’s design.

Nowadays dog houses will not necessarily be a place for a pampered pet to sleep in overnight, outdoors. They tend to feature visual and play stimuli, so that your dog does not get bored. But even simply designed dog houses can be given a bit of style with the addition of some accessories and a bit of paint. Why not upgrade your dog’s house and really pamper your pooch?

Doggie Summer Houses.

Exterior dog houses are no longer likely to be a functional living space for a working or guard dog. Nowadays, an outdoors dog house is more likely to be a fun place for a dog to explore. However, a good quality dog house should be water proof and be able to provide shelter from both the rain and excessive sun.

As such, doggie summer houses are all the rage. Pitched roofs with dog sized porches and an all weather shelter are on-trend. Even summer house accessories, like window boxes and lighting, can be added for a luxurious note. Don’t be put off going for the cute, cottage like look. Add windows, with shutters and even a white picket fence.

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Domestic Dog Houses.

If your pet dog spends longer periods in the home, rather than outside, why not provide the perfect pooch palace as part of your interior design? A simple recess in a storage cupboard is ideal for a smaller dog. Lay down a favourite blanket and attach a door that the dog can see out of. A good place to select for your dog’s area is within a utility room.

This is ideal if your dog has returned from a long walk and needs to be washed down. Your pet can dry off in comfort without leaving paw prints over the rest of the house. Another good location for an internal dog house is that part of the room, under the stairs, that never gets put to a particularly good use.

The Individual Approach.

Make a dog house from some spare material for a more individual approach. An old wine barrel makes a great place for a dog to sleep in. And you can use the top to grow plants or house your dog’s toys. Or, if your home has contemporary styling, why not go for a cube dog house with an ultra modern look? And a dog house made from old bottles not only looks highly individual, but affords a window for your pet to look out from.

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Keep your dog house consistent with other design elements in your home. You don’t want it to stand out and fell like it is out of place. Traditional dog houses, even those that look like a vintage dolls house, will suit many a home’s décor. Choose a dog house that looks like it has been designed to coordinate with other cabinetry you have in the room. Stick to similar color choices. Or, for the ultimate in coordinated styling, opt for a bespoke dog house that matches your home’s exterior.

Lots Of Dogs.

Where you have more than one or two dogs to consider, it is a good idea to be able to split up the pack, if you need to. So long as dogs can socialise well, you may not need to, but providing individual pens, that can be opened or closed at will, makes sense for households with upwards of three dogs. Check out a breeder’s dog house if you plan to have more than one or two pets.

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