Stylish contemporary residence is located in Dallas

This stylish contemporary residence is located in Dallas, United States. It was designed and built by Buchanan Architecture and it’s situated in a spectacular area with a very beautiful landscape. The residence covers a 2.652 sq ft area and it’s conveniently situated on the only flat point of a continuously sloping site.

The main building is facing an area covered with beautiful trees on the west site that also provides shade from the late afternoon sun. The trees also provide beautiful views and a very quiet image to be contemplated from the indoor areas. The living spaces located on the east also provide the inhabitants with the opportunity to admire the sunrise. This was actually a specific request from the owner.

The entrance to the residence is made through a bridge and a cantilevered vestibule hovering over a pool of water. The spaces from inside the house are delimited by cabinets and not by traditional framed walls. It’s an unconventional choice but so the entire residence. The sunrise House is a simple, cost efficient, energy efficient, sustainable and maintenance free building that in additional offers amazing views. It’s the perfect home. It’s not visibly striking but the beauty lies in all the little details that make this house very special. The final result is definitely impressive.

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