Stylish Barcelona family home

It all started in 2009 when an inspired client decided to build himself a lovely family house. He contacted an architectural firm and started planning the new structure. In 2010 the house was completed and ready to become a cozy home. The whole process cost 550.000 euros. The house is situated in a beautiful zone of Barcelona and it features a modern but simple design.

It sits in an area where most of the plots are narrow and long so the architects had to adapt their design to these dimensions. This residence sits on one of the narrowest spaces around the neighborhood but that didn’t stop it from becoming the imposing building that it is today. Since the plot was to narrow it was difficult to solve the light problem. However, the fact that the plot connects two streets offered some advantages.

The house is N-S oriented and the architects decided to develop the structure vertically in order to solve several issues such as the one related to the natural light or the one involving privacy.The residence features a garage and a cinema at the ground floor. The mezzanine level houses two rooms connected by a study that opens to a patio garden. Then, the first floor is divided into the dining room and the kitchen that are separated by a courtyard. There’s also a gallery that could be converted at some point into a terrace. On the second floor you can find the bedrooms and on the roof a beautiful pool terrace.{found on archilovers}

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