Stylish and creative designs from BKK Architects

Designing the interior of a house is a complicated process but it only gets to be done after the exterior was designed and after the house has been built. Designing the exterior of a house is probably the most difficult part of the whole process.It’s why beautiful designs are so much more appreciated. BKK Architects is a Melbourne-based architectural firm that was founded by Tim Black, Julian Kosloff and Simon Knott in 2000.

It’s a form that is no stranger to success and recognition. It won multiple awards and it is well known for its creativity when it comes to ingenious and unique designs. These are some examples with some of their most appreciated and renowned creations. The exterior designs they have created are not only artificial structures meant to protect the inhabitants. They are a form of art on a large scale.

The houses feature designs and shapes that allow them to naturally integrate into the surroundings or to stand out, depending on the client’s desires and on the type of landscape. Before even beginning to design a house, the architect have to carefully study the site, its surroundings, the climate, the vegetation and a multitude of other elements. Only after that they get to come up with the perfect design for that particular area. Their understanding of the landscape is remarkable and their designs stand out as some of the most inspiring and beautiful.

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