Stunning Vineyard Residence in California

This stunning Sonoma residence has been designed by Aidlin Darling architects and is located on the edge of a vineyard at the base of Sonoma Mountain in California.The residence is extremely modern and contemporary and engages its surroundings in establishing a frame of reference. Its design tries to combine three important aspects: the idea of a private house, the art preservation and vineyard operation.

The structure of the house tries to express the deep reverence regarding the respect for the land, understanding at the same time the site and mapping of the place. It features some floor to ceiling windows that flood the house with natural light and provide great views across the vineyard and the valley.

The interior design is contemporary and elegant. The choice of materials and the elements detailing increase the spacial experience and create a very imposing space. Furthermore the use of wood combined with stone floors highlight a range of several spacial conditions. From an expansive and airy space to an intimate and cozy place, where you can relax and enjoy some beautiful views of the landscape, right there in the middle of nature.

Sonoma Vineyard Residence is a great house, a warm and welcoming place to land and a sanctuary to retreat to.

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