Stunning Views in Washington at Chuckanut Ridge Residence

If you have a large family to accommodate the next house can e a fabulous example. Located in Bow, Washington, the Chuckanut Ridge House was designed to reflect the clients East Asian heritage. The Prentiss Architects had their work cut of for them due to the dramatic narrow ridge site.

The main purpose was to have a minimal environmental impact on the surroundings so the architects incorporated photovoltaic panels to provide electrical power and rain collection as the water source. The house was built along a central spine, therefore the rooms are formed by a series of folded roof planes.

Due to tradition, once you enter the house there is a space where you can take off your shoes and coats before stepping up to the wood floors. Moreover, because of a respiratory problem there can be no frying in the house, so the architects set a second work area, which is equipped with a powerful vent.

In other words the Chuckanut Ridge is an interesting house that offers fantastic views and is also environmentally friendly.{found on archdaily}


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