Stunning views and exquisite modern design – the Paraty House

Designed by Marcio Kogan Architects, the Paraty House is the perfect retreat and a wonderful getaway. You can find it in the colonial city of Paraty and Angra dos Reis (in between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). Featuring a contemporary design, the house impresses with its clean and simple architecture.

The building is structured on two levels. It’s composed of two concrete volumes stacked one on top of the other. The interior is open and spacious. There’s a continuous 27 meter area with huge glass windows and large openings offering panoramic views of the surroundings and of the water. The layout was designed to be flexible and thus perfect for entertainment.

As for the interior design and décor, there are numerous stylish features throughout. The modern furniture, the classy color palette composed on earthy, neutral and simple shades as well as the occasional hint of bold color. The way indoor and outdoor spaces communicate is also beautiful, making this retreat a wonderful and relaxing oasis.


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