Stunning Residence in Maryland by David Jameson

David Jameson has done it again, this time in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The architects has managed to create a home that looks like a courtyard inserted between two heavy walls. The Glenbrook Residence is an unique building that will catch your eye.

The house was built to create distinct yet connected structures that allows it to be divided spatially into the most public, most private and a living pavilion that can become either or both. The design was thought as being of the earth, so the materials and shapes are heavy, static pieces. The public and private wings act as the backbone that supports the various courtyards, upper canopies and the dynamic living pavilion that sits between.

The center-piece of the house is represented by the living pavilion that is set between the heavy wall elements of the home and houses the cooking, eating and living spaces. Another interesting aspect is that the glass walls that are beneath the canopies create the illusion of a floating roof. Moreover each space has an outdoor terrace or some special connection to the site.

But wait, that’s not all, the building is made of all natural materials with a 100-year lifespan and features a underground spring-fed furnace HVAC system. What do you think?

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