Stunning pool house reflecting the chic design of its main residence

Pool houses are quite unique constructions. In fact, most languages don’t even have equivalents for them and feel obligated to borrow the term. But this isn’t the only thing that makes pool houses so interesting and special. Designed to serve as a space for relaxation and entertainment during the summer months, pool houses differ in design just like regular homes.

This particular pool house is a wonderful example of how such a structure should be. This is the South Yarra Pool House and it can be found in Victoria, Australia. The pool house was designed by Artillery. The pool is situated at the rear of the property and this allowed the designers to take advantage of all the surrounding space. The team transformed the space into a beautiful and soothing environment.

The pool house was built with a steel structure and steel framed doors. It has zinc cladding that covers the exterior. The choice of materials and finishes was based also on the fact that the pool house had to match the main residence and to represent an extension of this one. The doors of the pool house were designed to fully open. This makes the transition between interior and exterior seamless and it also opens the pool house to the beautiful landscape, letting all the natural light get inside.

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Positioned under an elm tree, the pool house also benefits from natural shading. In additional, a pergola was created and it has become a beautiful and peaceful space enveloped by nature. As for the interior of the pool house, it was designed to be simple and it features beautiful furniture from the owners’ collection along with beautiful artwork that they’ve collected during their travels. This makes the resemblance between the pool house and the main volume seem even more striking.



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