Stunning House in Texas by Bercy Chen Studio

Cascading Creek House is a single-family residence designed by Bercy Chen Studio. Located in rural Texas, USA, this amazing house was recently completed. Siting on a 11,796sqf plot, this modern home is also an eco-friendly one, featuring photovoltaics, rainwater collection and hydronic heating and cooling.

The most striking element of this project’s architecture is the roof, especially designed to collect rainwater and then some of it is poured into a basin giving the feel of a waterfall. The water, electricity and heat which are harvested on the roof tie into an extensive climate conditioning system to supply both the heating and cooling for the residence.

The form and siting of the house addresses the social issues of American suburbia. The low profile of the building offers an alternative to the morphology of massive suburban homes in Texas. Moreover this unique house embraces nature, presenting itself towards the wilderness below. It has huge windows that flood the house with natural light. Also, the color palette is neutral thus creating a bright, airy space. It presents modern furnishings, interesting light fixtures and upscale stainless steel appliances, making it a luxurious place.

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Cascading Creek House is a warm and welcoming place to land, a home that presents a stunning exterior and a gorgeous interior. It really is a great place to retreat to!{found on homedsgn}



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