Stunning House in Bodega, California by Cutler Anderson Architects

This next house in Bodega, California is a statement of beauty between a dark forest and ordered agriculture, and was designed by Cutler Anderson Architects.

This residence is ready for its final curtain call and surprises with its position and style. It was designed in a way that contrasts with the multiple natures of the ridge. Moreover, the architects used a lot of wood in their project for the roof and columns in order to create a light structure and to reveal the mass of the rammed earth walls.

The massive amounts of bright wood and the color tones of the walls make you feel as if you were on the beach. Furthermore, the rooms are kept simple and with the help of floor to ceiling windows this space gets the feeling of aeration. The house presents contemporary furnishings and a sleek fireplace in the living area as the perfect focal point.The Bodega Residence is a wonderful home that makes the dark forest even darker.


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