Stunning House by Upsetters Architects

Upsetters Architects have designed a beautiful house for a couple with a child. Located in Eifukucho, Tokyo, Japan, this home has an unique shape, a large driveway, longer than 15 meters and it is situated in an upland residential area with an amazing view.

The architects tried to create a stunning house by elevating the core living space by three meters in order to maximize its lovely views, and they also incorporated the exterior space into the living space. Another great thing about it is that you can enjoy the breathtaking views anywhere in the raised level and if you are lucky enough you might see Mt. Fiji from the small glassed-in penthouse on a clear day.

Furthermore the first level is reinforced concrete while the second one is wood, creating the appearance of being lifted along with part of its foundation. The interior is designed in a minimalist, modern style with white walls that make the place feel more airy, and in some of the rooms you can see dark floors that show off all the elements.

This unique residence is ready for its final curtain call. It is a house where the outdoors are very important, thus creating an outstanding place to call home.{found on archdaily}

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