Stunning House and Stunning Views in Chile

A shop house in the middle of a grove of elms is something quite uncommon, but attractive at the same time. This is one of the achievements of  Parra & Edwards architects. The house, which was called “Apolo 11” is located in La Reina, somewhere in Santiago, Chile. It is used as an architecture workshop, recording studio and rehearsal room and the most interesting aspect is the fact that it was designed as a ship, which seems to have landed in a forest, without touching anything.

Actually, it makes you think about a capsule, which supports the life of family members  and the crew at the same time. The two levels of the house offer a great perspective over the surrounding area. The rectangular shape is impressive, being the only existing element that does not touch nature, thanks to its tendency to disappear, according to the Japanese culture. The large windows provide amazing views outside and a modern one over the interior.

The facades are indefinite in their simplicity, the entire design being very appealing. No matter if you are inside or outside, you get the same feeling, that of a silent spectator who admires the beauty of the forest in all its dimensions, trying to discover its best kept secrets. The interior is simple,  made of dark wood in general, with modern furniture, all kinds of bookshelves, colorful paintings and decorative elements that give life to the entire space.  An amazing place with perfect views makes us see the surrounding beauty!

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