Stunning Home in Knysna, South Africa

The first impression that this house at Pezula makes is that of a very large home; it seems to look more like a hotel than a home. It can be found in Knysna, South of Africa, in an extraordinary location, being obviously the opposite of what simplicity stands for. If apparently it is too plain, once you look at it more carefully, it does not seem too plain anymore, or too busy.

In spite of its size, this residence is still very attractive; as soon as you approach, you get to see a huge display of wealth that can be found usually in 5 star hotels, an expression of luxury and quality. Something that a 5 star hotel does not probably have is the fireplace in the hall, but what would be considered normal in such an unusual space? The light that can be seen in any corner of the house reveals a bright clean feel in all the rooms.

The mirrors with their interesting shape, picture the fire burning in the fireplace, the marble, the wide glass windows, which offer a splendid perspective over the beauty of the surrounding area. In addition, there are other aspects that worth being seen: the remarkable paintings on the walls, the decorative objects around the house, everything seems to breathe luxury, elegance and a stunning atmosphere that can impress even the most critical eye. Wessels Joyce Associates came up with this spectacular solution.

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