Striking Beach House in New Zealand

Located in Mangonui, New Zealand, this amazing beach house covers an area of 277 square meters and uses them in a really beautiful way. The architecture is simple and modern and the interior features the same characteristics. This was a project by Dorrington Architects & Associates.

The house sits on a flat site and is very close to the beach. Because of the location and orientation, the architects had to make sure they offered the clients as much privacy as possible without obstructing and hiding the views.

The team decided to design a house that opens up to the north and west and captures the beautiful views. The rest of the facades are less exposed and that’s where the private areas of the house are located. The zones are distributed as follows: the bedroom block houses two rooms and a bathroom in the basement, the top floor contains a games room and the middle section contains two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The living spaces are light and airy, featuring classic pieces of furniture, minimalist lighting fixtures and neutral colors. In contrast with these spaces is the garage which is half-buried into the site. The palette of materials used overall reflects the tight budget which was allocated to the project. However, this didn’t stop the architects from offering this holiday home everything it needs to be amazing.

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