Strange Banyan Tree House Café in Japan

When we were kids some of us were dreaming of our tree house. There we would sit with our friends playing and having fun. It seems that the image became reality although it is not a tree house for me and my friends it is a tree house which is actually a restaurant.

Naha Harbor Diner from Okinawa, Japan features a Banyan tree with its normal dimensions. This type of tree comes from East of India, is 20 foot tall and between its branches there is a pan-Asian restaurant. This tree- house restaurant can be found in the interior of the commercial center, Banyan Town which is situated near the entrance of Onoyama Park. It is an ingenious way where you can have lunch or dinner, a place that surprises you with its bizarre position.

Although you may think that it difficult to reach up there, the restaurant has a spiraling stair behind it and in the interior o the trunk there is an elevator.

This odd concrete tree-house offers great conditions of having lunch or dinner. It has a large view towards the ocean and from its terrace you can admire some amazing views. The restaurant specialized itself on the fresh organic food provided by the farms.

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Naha Harbor Diner is a place where you can find fresh vegetables, delicious chicken and pork or “native salts”.At least one thing is sure, no matter is the type of menu that you choose the food will always be at high levels!



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