Stonehawke House by Base Architecture

One of the recently developed structures from Base Architecture , the Stonehawke House has 29 lots in all. With sensitive approach befitting the environment around, natural overland flows as well as storm water control in addition to Flora and Fauna friendly fencing around the enclave makes it highly environment friendly in nature.

Out of the twenty nine around five lots have some major constraints as well as covenants attached. The objective is to protect the micro climate around the site. Lot 16 that is wedged onto the side of the hill that is nestled into a heavily wooded large parcel of land represents the fallen lumber.

Stonehawke House is solidly grounded into this particular site with the body wrapping around out of ground form concrete pool. It also reflects charred timber in the internal finish. Use of the organic and raw materials in the natural environment of sandstone rockworks as well as multiple species of tall native trees reflects both form and the materiality in the appearance of the house.Photographs: Christopher Frederick Jones.


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