Split House Design in Barcelona

In the wonderful location of Barcelona , Spain there is an interesting project of 290 square meters: two houses for two families done by CAVAA Arquitectes. This project consists of a single body construction with the two individual places articulated through a central courtyard  inside , working both as a skylight and a ventilation chimney.This building project has to accommodate two families.  Therefore,  each individual house has a living room, a big eat-in  kitchen, two rooms for children , a study or a games room, the bedroom suite and a garage.

One of the garages , at the clients requirements was soundproofed to perform music. The design faze was crucial, because that was the moment when a decision was taken : to  implement  modern systems for saving energy like the  under-floor heating system  or the rain water reservoir with the high-tech system for recovering the grey water. Also all the energy required for hot water and under-floor heating is obtained through a biomass boiler.

This modern house has also climatic passive measures. Starting from the courtyard  that allow cross ventilation  in all rooms, working also as a chimney dissipating the summer heat to the outside and allowing the entry of fresh air. These features, go all the way with different constructive systems to save energy as the ventilated façade and the filtered openings with lattices. The place looks and feels modern with a high grade of comfort and style.{found on archdaily and pics by Filippo Poli}.

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