Splendid Vacation House in Greece by LM Architects

Greece is a wonderful country which has an amazing history, traditions and legends. Although now it travels a difficult period people have always been attracted to its beauties. The blue sea, white stone buildings, the narrow streets, the delicious food and its friendly people are things that make of this country a great destination for a lovely vacation. You cannot resist all these wonderful things and it is even more convenient for those who can afford a vacation house here.

In Monemvasia, Greece there is a splendid vacation house designed by LM Architects. Situated on the peak of a hill it offers great panoramic views of the sea. This vacation house combines tradition and modern so that the result is an outstanding building which offers comfort, privacy and security. The predominant material which is stone, the columns and the white nuances remind you of those old traditional old houses specific to this country.

The structure of the building is based on two alternative open spaces and three levels. The wooden decks and panels and the hacked plaster are the other materials that complete the solid structure of this construction.

Inside you find spacious rooms with comfortable, simple and modern furniture, a lovely modern fireplace in the living room and contrasting white and black nuances used for furniture and floors. The number of pieces of furniture is reduced so that you have a nice feeling of space and freedom. Outside, besides the great terraces and decks you may also enjoy the long and narrow pool from where you can admire the wonderful blue sea.{found on archdaily and pics by Erieta Attali}.

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