Spectacular Residence Connects To The Sky Through Voids

The Boandyne House is located in Toorak, Victoria, Australia. It was completed in 2014 and was a residential project by SVMSTUDIO. The house offers a total of 5,382 square feet of living space and has great curb appeal.


Sitting on a gentle slope, the building had to be designed is such a way that it takes maximum advantage of the natural light, the views and the surroundings. The stone walkway that leads to the entry area already establishes a simple and modern look.


The architects wanted to allow the house to share a strong connection with the exterior. So they clustered together a series of gorgeous outdoor features such as the lap pool, the garden and the large deck, allowing them to wrap around the house and to envelop it with their magic.


At night, the warm light gets reflected into the pool. The river rocks spread along it gain a beautiful texture as light and shadow play across them. The small trees catch some of the light as well.


The ground floor shares a strong connection with the earth. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and walls and sliding glass doors open the shares spaces situated here onto the large deck, the garden and all the natural beauty that surrounds them, allowing nature to become a part of their interior decor.


Inside, the ambiance is warm, comfortable and inviting. LED ceiling lighting runs in thin strips, highlighting the architecture of the house and framing the various spaces and functions. The seating area is facing the outdoors.

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A freestanding fireplace offers the space a warm glow and a cozy atmosphere. It fits into the corner formed where the double-height ceiling is lowered and connects and ceiling and the floor, establishing a fluid and imposing look.


The vast social area features a simple color palette inspired by nature. Earthy tones take center stage. Various shades of gray can be seen throughout the space along with whites, beige, browns and blacks. Occasional red or orange accents give the decor a dynamic vibe.


The kitchen and the dining area share form a single space. The kitchen has a large island which doubles as a bar. All the appliances are built-in or hidden and this offers the kitchen a very simplistic look. The dining table has a glass top and a sculptural base which gets reflected onto the floor, forming intricate shadows.


The staircase has a really interesting design which may go unnoticed at first glance. It’s like it’s mirrored onto the ceiling. A floor-to-ceiling glass wall lets light in and exposes the staircase to the adjacent living area.


The upper level contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re simple and spacious but not lacking pizzazz. Whether it’s an abstract wall painting, a set of large windows or the connection to a terrace, these features offers the bedrooms character in a subtle and elegant way.


The warm and earthy color palette offers the bedroom a relaxing and pleasant look, allowing it to become a tranquil space. The light streaming in through the windows brightens up the space without becoming disturbing or sacrificing privacy.

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The bathroom gets its light through a skylight. Large mirrors expand its spacious and airy design, glass enclosures keep the decor transparent and fluid and the wood and stone give the space a spa-like feel.


If the ground floor shared a strong connection to the earth, the upper level shares a connection with the sky. Three voids were designed along the diagonal axis of the residence. The light streaming in from above lets nature in but in a rather unusual and particularly subtle way.


The upper floor also includes an open terrace. One of the bedrooms has access to this space. It’s a lovely and intimate lounge space, perfect for unwinding and being alone with your thoughts or for reading a good book.


A similar lounge space was also created on the ground level. It’s facing the pool and the garden and is separate from the large deck on the other side of the house.


The open deck wraps around the ground floor and the social spaces found inside. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls connects the interior and the exterior spaces and allow the views to be enjoyed from both sides.


The way in which the outdoor areas were organized and divided allows the residence to have a balanced design, with access to the beautiful outdoors from pretty much any room and corner.




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