Spectacular Homes With Slide That Adds An Extra Touch Of Dynamism To The Layout

Everyone loves a slide. It’s a fun element that reminds us of our childhood but that isn’t out of reach as a grown up either. Imagine having a slide in your home that connects the floors or levels of your house. Imagine how fun it would be for your kids to be able to use it. Coming down for dinner would become something everyone awaits with anticipation. All the houses presented below have a slide incorporated in their design and architecture and they are all spectacular.

House with slide by Level Architects.

The first house we’ve selected was actually a project called “House with slide”, a very suggestive and representative name. It was a project developed by Yokohama-based atelier Level Architects and it’s a contemporary residence designed for a family. The house is a three-story building with a very simple and very friendly design, both inside and out.

The residence is defined by its smooth lines and curved corners and, as a result, the lack of rough angles and abrupt lines. But this unique three-story house also hides something even more interesting and unusual. It features a continuous route that is a sort of combination between regular stairs and playground elements. The circulation between the three levels can be made the old-fashioned way, using the stairs, or through a more fun route if you utilize the slide.

The house has a playful design and architecture throughout. The living spaces are placed in the center of the house and they can be accessed through multiple points. The house is always bright and filled with lit thanks to the vertical openings in the roof. This residence also hides another interesting secret: a courtyard placed inside. It has sliding glass doors that connect it to the living room and that let it lots of natural light and it’s a refreshing addition to the layout.

House With A 256-Foot Double Loop Water Slide.

The second residence that we included in this fun top also has a slide but one of a different kind. This is a luxury villa that impresses with its simple, casual and also innovative design. But the most interesting part has to do with the amazing water slide that starts at the top balcony and goes all the way down to the swimming pool.

The water slide is indeed a unique feature and its size has made this residence the first one in the world to actually have a 256-foot-long double loop water slide. The villa features the perfect combination between relaxation and fun. Here you can take the time to relax and lounge all day long but, if you prefer a kick of adrenaline and fun, the water slide is right there to fix the problem. It’s why this luxury villa is a perfect vacation destination for families.

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And since it would have been a shame to keep something so extraordinary hidden and out of reach, the villa is available for rent for families for the perfect place to spend their vacation, where everyone could have a good time. The double loop water slide is definitely something to look forward to when going in a family vacation.

Subterranean Mansion with indoor water slides.

We now continue with another unbelievably amazing residence. This one is unique for several reasons. First of all, it’s a subterranean residence and this detail alone makes it amazing and spectacular. Second of all, it has an amazing feature that makes it extra fun. As you might have anticipated, it’s a water slide. This water slide goes from the master bedroom to the swimming pool. But that’s not all. If having a water slide connected to your bedroom wasn’t mind-blowing enough, then you should also know that the swimming pool it leads down to also has water falls.

This is a super home, one that one dreams about that doesn’t believe it can actually exist. This amazing mansion consists of an entrance hall, a cloak room/bathroom, a lounge area, a dining room, a breakfast kitchen, a utility room, a laundry room, a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a dressing room and two additional bedroom suites.

Also, the mansion includes an amazing swimming pool with waterfalls, a Jacuzzi, a gym, a bar area, a changing room with shower and bathroom, a plant room and a garage. Everything covers approximately 4,300 square feet. If you also add the 0.3 acre gardens you get an unbelievable property.

Apartment with a Helical Slide in New York City.

After seeing all these fun residences and houses, it’s now time to turn our attention towards something a little different. You might think that a slide is not something you can have when you live in an apartment. Well, this next example will prove you wrong. This is a duplex apartment located in a new building from New York City. It’s actually composed of two identical one—bedroom units that have been unified. But it’s not the actual layout that has impressed us the most. It’s the way these two units have been connected that interests us.

The two units have been combined into a duplex penthouse and the interesting part is that you can go from the top floor to the lower level using a slide. It was a custom-made element that gives this duplex apartment a unique allure. Her everything turns into an adventure, even descending from one room to another. Of course, the slide isn’t the only option. You can also use the stairs if you want. The slide is just an extra option for those that prefer something more fun and dynamic.

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This is an example that perfectly demonstrates that any home could use a touch of fun and dynamism. The key is to think out of the box and to exploit your adventurous spirit.


The Playhouse is a two-storey residence located in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang. The house has a very simple and playful design which the architects created for the whole family but mostly for the 5 year old boy.

He’s the reason why the building has a concrete slide which connects his bedroom to the dining room. It’s definitely the most fun way of coming down for dinner. There’s also a staircase which connects these two floors and it’s not nearly as fun as the slide, especially considering that the slide can also be covered on both ends and transformed into a secret play area.

Panorama House.

The Panorama House is a modern residence in South Korea designed by Moon Hoon studio. The building has three levels and it was designed for a family of six and different floors belong to different residents.

The ground floor is dedicated to the children and it has the most interesting feature in the whole house: a combination between a wooden staircase, a slide and a bookcase. It’s a multipurpose element with shelves on which books are stored, regular stairs and a slide for the kids and everyone else who wants to use it. It brings energy to the whole house.

Extra Office Slides.

This office is one of the most fun you can find but, of course, we expected that from a company like LEGO.This LEGO office is located in Billund, Denmark and it has a creative, innovative and very fun design.

It features a huge slide which the employees can use to reach the collaboration areas. The office was designed by Rosan Bosch and it’s full of color. The slide is the biggest highlight but there are lots of other interesting elements throughout the space, all of which are there in order to create a relaxed and pleasant work environment.



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