Spectacular “Haus W” for a young couple and their two children in Hamburg

The moment you decide to buy a house the first thing you think of is space. You want to buy a spacious house like everybody else but you also have its costs in mind. Usually a spacious house needs a big budget. It consumes a lot of energy, it takes a lot of time to clean it but will definitely offer you a lot of freedom. If you have your own family, space becomes even more important.Perhaps the same things had in mind a young couple with two children when they have bought this low- energy and private house, located in Hamburg, Germany.

The rectangular construction is called “Haus W” and is designed by Kraus Schönberg Architects. The building consists of two levels: the upper and lower levels which connect the interior space through a transparent gap that wraps around the residence at ground level. It has a dynamic exterior: a collection of large and small square-shaped windows puncture the elevations while a strip of glazing circumscribes around the base of the house.

The lower level accommodates the communal space while the upper level accommodates the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the children’s area. The heights are adapted to each individual and the internal windows connect the views of different rooms. The natural light invades all these white interiors and create the impression of a more spacious house full of light.The inner atrium which accommodates a huge library is a spectacular area. It is a spacious house which every family will be pleased to have it.{pics by ioana marinescu and found on designboom}.

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