Spectacular Australian residence features a playful design

This eye-catching residence is situated in Brighton, Victoria, in Australia. The reason why it looks so unusual and interesting is because the designer had a very unique way of playing with shapes and structures. The house was designed by Australian architect Frank Macchia. He chose a modern style for the entire building including the interior.

In total, the residence has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathroom as well as a series of addition spaces. The exterior is definitely eye-catching. Just look how the facade is divided into a variety of forms which come together like a puzzle. We also enjoy the way different shades of the same color were utilized here. The result is a harmonious as well as interesting design.

The interior of the residence is luxurious and elegant. The color palette is not very diverse yet the designer has a very nice way of playing with shadow and different tones or similar colors. Overall, the whole interior feels very welcoming. Decorated with simple and modern furniture, the spaces stand out with their minimalism and their chic décor. The transition between spaces is smooth and seamless. This ensures a harmonious look and atmosphere.


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