Spatial Bavarian State Opera by Coop Himmelblau

Nowadays, cities get a new, contemporary image by the help of the architects’ innovative ideas. The contemporary buildings create the image of a new world. The cities tend to appear like a special environment.

An example of this kind of building is Bavarian State Opera .Its pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space was designed by Coop Himmelblau.It is an interesting building that looks like a meteoritic. Its surface has 1,790 square meters and can hold 300 seated people or 700 standing people. The structure of pavilion can be dismountable, transportable and re-mountable.

It offers a modern image to the town and it can be considered a wonderful meeting point where people can find themselves easily. Its strange shape made of glass lets the impression that it is an odd object that has just landed on earth. It is like it waits for us to discover and explore it.


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