Spacious Residence Harmonized With Nature Through a Large Veranda

With so little vegetation nowadays in the big cities, people are trying to escape the concrete jungle and to rediscover the beauty of nature. Remote locations are perceived as very attractive when it comes to choosing a spot for a holiday home or even a permanent residence. The EZ Residence, for example, was built on this ample site in Sao Paulo. Brazil.

One of the things that the architects focused on was the size and orientation of the site in relation to the houseIntegration with nature and the landscape in general was very important throughout this projectThe house overlooks a valley and has expansive views of the distant landscape

This was a project by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados. Completed in 2015, the residence covers an area of 1146 square meters. An important consideration was the connection between the house and its surroundings. The architects made sure to offer the interior spaces good orientations and beautiful views.

The best place to admire the view is from the deck which seamlessly transitions into an infinity poolThe spacious outdoor living areas are framed by great views but also by warm and comforting materials

The architects showed great respect to the site and the surroundings. Integration with nature and between spaces was given a lot of importance. The interior is organized on two levels. The ground floor contains the social spaces which are disposed in an open floor plan that contains the living room, kitchen and dining area.

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A lot of wood was used both indoor and outdoor. It’s a material that creates comfort
The house has a series of covered spaces which transition from indoor to the outdoor areaThis wooden staircase is wonderfully framed by a stone wall which emphasizes the connection with nature

The social spaces have direct access to a large veranda which then seamlessly transitions into an infinity edge pool. Out here the comfort of the interior spaces is transferred and adapted. The transition is seamless and natural thanks to the series of sliding glass walls and doors embedded into the facade of the house.

The pergola-like roof creates a playful pattern of light and shadow out hereThe interior of the house is organized on two levels, with the ground floor housing the social spaces

The private spaces are all situated upstairs. They can be accessed via a beautiful wood and stone staircase. They get to offer expansive and panoramic views of the valley and the landscape, receiving abundant natural light and featuring a similarly strong connection with nature and the outdoors in general.

The kitchen, dining area and living space are integrated into an open floor plan with access to the deck and poolSliding glass doors were embedded into the facade wall, allowing a seamless transition between spaces

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Harmony is a term that defines this residence in a lot of different ways. Everything is wonderfully balanced, including the palette of materials, the colors, the textures, the proportions, functions and pretty much everything else.

Cantilevered roofs offer protection for the outdoor lounge and entertainment areas



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